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Step into the Golden Age

The most important sights that you will see are the Dromedary defense tower, recently renovated into a great cultural centre. The Snouck van Loosenpark, a beautifull park erected late 19th Century as a social housing project. Admire the high tower of the South Church and its famed organ from 1621. See the lively harbour and shoppingstreet. 
Wandering through the streets of Enkhuizen will take you back in time to the days of the Golden Age.

Your visit to Enkhuizen is made complete with a visit to the famed Zuiderzeemuseum. The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen revives the stories of people who once lived on the shores of the Zuiderzee. See, hear, taste and smell everyday life around the Zuiderzee as it was before the Afsluitdijk (IJsselmeer Barrier Dam) changed the sea into the IJsselmeer in 1932. 

In the wintertime, you can explore the indoor museum, housing the treasure chest of the Zuiderzee. Temporary exhibitions display the rich collection of the Museum.

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